OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

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OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

I Love This Stuff

I'm very particular about what I put on my skin and this vitamin C serum is perfect. Its all natural and has a great smell...not chemically at all. I don't necessarily feel like it has tightened my skin, but it definitely has helped even out my skin tone and improved the vibrancy and texture.

A great buy!

Very good, high quality, great for the skin!

Vitamin C serum

Just arrived Tuesday & this is only Friday. My face was getting REALLY dry & no matter what I tried it didn't seem to work. Face was flaking. SO for MY face, I required a LOT more than a few drops of the serum. I do like using it.


I use this product regularly, applying every evening before bed. I am almost 60, and have seen a remarked difference in the reduction of wrinkles. Applying regularly is CRITICAL. I apply this at night, and the other OZ product in the morning under makeup. Be consistent - you will see it.

OZNaturals was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel good about their skin. Our mission is to combine top skincare science with natural ingredients to make products that are both effective and affordable. We’re committed to using only the finest ingredients and most advanced formulations while staying true to our belief in the benefits of natural products.
* No Potentially harmful synthetic chemicals
* No Parabens
* No Phthalates
* No Petrochemicals
* No Sulfates

Antioxidants are vital to any truly effective skin care routine. Why? They scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable molecules caused by oxidation. Free radicals cause many of the visible signs of aging skin:
- Age spots.
- Wrinkles.
- Uneven texture and tone.
Antioxidants not only stop free radical damage from occurring, but can actually help repair damage that has already happened.
That translates into younger-looking, healthier skin now and in the future.

Vitamin C:
- Widely researched and established anti-aging ingredient.
- Vital to collagen production.
- Renowned 'super antioxidant'.
- Highly potent – hundreds of times stronger than other antioxidants.